Galway, Ireland: Students, spiders and a shortage of best friends with red hair

I'm in Galway and there are small spiders on the ceiling in my bedroom. At first I thought they were spiders, but they stayed in one place for so long and are so tiny they almost looked like small holes/cracks in the ceiling. Later, one crack had changed locations. Upon closer examination, it was confirmed: There are small spiders on the ceiling in my bedroom.

I arrived yesterday by a beautiful cross-country train ride. In the last 24-hours I have: learned that the bus system is reliably unreliable, and consequently spent wasted 24 euro on taxis; met someone from Newcastle (Northern England) with an accent even harder to understand than the Irish; told an old drunkard I'm from Québec and don't speak English; been discouraged by hours of fruitless job hunting and have since begun entertaining the idea of taking an offer to be a live-in nanny for a family in a very remote seaside home 5 hours away. (Ok, that sounds pretty ideal when I write it out.)

Yes, it's only my first real day here, and I've planned an entire week (with the possibility of a month) to try it out before moving on to another town. I know I need to be patient and open-minded, but my first impressions haven't been totally winning. Galway is much busier than I expected; packed with university students and tourists. I mean, ok, I was told this before coming here; I just thought it'd be a TINY bit more chill. However, it is only the second week of school, and it's possible that the excited "freshers" will relax and the tourists will clear out. I guess I was just picturing something more like Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls, instead of UT Austin stuffed into a space the size of Cape Cod.

Also, the only people around are dudes. The Airbnb I'm staying in has a few others guests, all of whom are guys. The pubs are filled with old men. Is it too much to ask to find a best girlfriend with red-hair and freckles who likes wine and pop culture and being sarcastic, to whom I can tell all my secrets? Is it?

It sounds like I'm complaining. I'M NOT COMPLAINING.

It's just that, there are some spiders on my ceiling.