Goodbye, MTL; Hello, TR!

Sunset over the Pont Laviolette Bridge in Trois-Rivières

Sunset over the Pont Laviolette Bridge in Trois-Rivières

Ok, for real this time, I'm doing this!

Now that I'm a couple weeks into maternity leave and at about 70% satisfaction with the way the Trois-Rivières apartment is coming together, I can try to be more serious about keeping up with this blog!

Small Update: At the end of March, a bunch of big changes happened! I left my job and life in Montréal to join Mat in Trois-Rivières, which is about 1h45 up the river from the big city. We've been living separately since last August, when Mat made a big career decision to leave civil engineering and go back to school to become a chiropractor! The only university in the province with this program happens to be in TR, so off he went - and we were back doing long-distance again like so many times before (we've really become pros at it!) But we always knew it would be just until the spring, when my contract at work ended and I'd be free to move also.

So here we are! Roomies again with my husband.

ALSO WE ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY. Though that's pretty old news by now. :) The little guy is due May 12, so between when I left Montréal and the due date, I'd given myself 6 weeks to prepare the apartment (and myself) for the REALLY big change. Truth be told, here I am now with 2.5 weeks left and I don't feel like I've accomplished very much at all! 

Baby bump progress! From left: 6 months, 7 months, 8 months! Though as of today, I'm about two weeks even further along.

Baby bump progress! From left: 6 months, 7 months, 8 months! Though as of today, I'm about two weeks even further along.

Originally I gave myself a deadline of this coming weekend, when we're holding a big, day-long, drop-in party for basically everyone we know in a 300-kilometer radius, to celebrate all the things! The end of Mat's first year at chiro school, our rejoining of apartments/house-warming, and of course, the coming of our 3rd family member. I wanted to have the place running at 100% functional/design satisfaction, but... as a pregnant person/not-handy-with-tools-anyway person, I find myself limited to certain projects while Mat has been in a super-rush with the end of his semester and final exams. I'm starting to realize I may just have to deal with things not being exactly as I wanted them by the week-end. OH, WELL.

He finishes his last exam tomorrow (woohoo!) but that leaves us only Friday for party-prep. We're pretty low-maintenance about gatherings for the most part, but I always overcommit myself to things I don't think will take that long, and then I wonder where my time went! Like, I want to make a big pot of chili and a hefty bowl of fun (pre-spiked) punch (that I can enjoy too!). Seemed very simple when I made this idea... but of course this means grocery trips need to be made, prep time needs to be had, and then also there's cleaning and seeing what last-minute projects I can coax a very tired, exam-fatigued Mat to do. 

I sort of psyche myself out of my own projects sometimes, from just overwhelm-ment (that's not a word).

Here's a little progress report of the apartment so far:

Bottom line though - I really do want to use this blog to its advantage, especially with the New Adventures with Baby Bell-Genois coming up. This is such a great space to share everything, so I'm renewing my commitment to this!

(No but really... like, seriously. No really! I'm serious!!)

I'm serious.